Water Consumption Fact Box
Average UK household water use for everyday activities:
  Taking a bath 80 litres
  Taking a shower 5 litres/min
  Flushing the toilet 9.5 litres
  Using a washing machine 80 litres
It takes one litre of water to make a 100g chocolate bar
  Seven litres of water are used to make one litre of beer
  Nine litres of water are used for the paper in one magazine
  100,000 litres of water are used to make one tonne of steel
But remember … water can be fresh but never new. All the water in the world, in the ice caps, the oceans, the clouds, in the rivers and under the ground, is about a billion years old. There’s always been the same stock of water on Earth, it just moves around the planet, changing to ice or seawater or rain. People can move it around too, but we can’t get any more of it! We’ll just have to use our water stock carefully. And the tiny percentage of the Earth’s water that humans can drink – fresh water is ancient too. It could just be that a dinosaur, thousands of miles away, once drank your next gulp of water!

Statistics from WaterAid


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