Water for All: Getting Started

WELCOME to Oxfam GB's online learning resource on water and change, ideal for
teaching 913 year olds.

Water for All contains loads of pictures and activities for you to use in the classroom. You can pick and mix from the resources here, or follow the sequence outlined below. There are seven activities including quizzes, case studies and maths exercises, each supported in the teachers' notes with a lesson guide and background information.

Through this extensive online resource your pupils will develop the following key skills and values, core to Oxfam's Curriculum for Global Citizenship:

  • Critical thinking
  • Have concern for the environment and promote sustainability
  • Empathise with others
  • Understand that actions have consequences
  • Understand that resource allocation and economic choices affect individuals, communities and the environment

We recommend you work through the activities in the following order:

1. Introductory activity: Every picture tells a story
Introduces children to working with images and tracking consequences

2. Quiz: Going short of water
An activity to match potential causes of water shortage to pictures

3. Water problems: Case studies
A series of photo-based case studies about what water shortage means around the world

4. Water maths: Global statistics
An activity based around statistics on the distribution of water and sanitation

5. Water solutions: Case studies
Following on from the case studies on water shortages, discover what people have done to overcome water shortage

6. Act locally: Learning from change
Suggests ideas for positive action, stemming from the case studies.

7. Celebrate water for all!
A photo-led activity to celebrate water and positive change

You'll find additional guidance on using Water for All in your classroom, information on how the activities fit in with the English, Scottish and Welsh curricula and ideas on where to find more background information through the links below.

> Teachers' notes
> Curriculum links
> Further information
> Feedback

Photo: Crispin Hughes/ Oxfam

Photo: Abigail Hadeed/ Oxfam

Photo: Toby Adamson / Oxfam

Photo: Crispin Hughes/ Oxfam

Photo: Crispin Hughes/ Oxfam

Photo: Jenny Matthews/ Oxfam

Photo: Crispin Hughes/ Oxfam



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