Celebrate water for all!

water on a banana leaf washing bananas bars of soap on the lid of a bucket Kosovan women carrying Oxfam emergency buckets camel drinking water

A photo-led activity to celebrate water.

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Learning objective

People near and far can make a lasting difference: so let’s celebrate the idea of WATER FOR ALL!

What to do:

Ask the children to look at the Celebrate water activity and associated pictures on screen. Ask, What message(s) is the activity trying to convey?

If the children wanted to tell the world how water is wonderful and a right for all, in what ways could it be done?

More suggestions:

  • Collect images of water in diverse settings (including ones from this resource) and devise an advert-style montage of Water for All!
  • Collect water-related words as a store for poetry writing. Use rhythm to echo water’s various states and moods, or its use and abuse within the water cycle. Use short beats and repetition to create a rousing chorus. Add a percussive backing.
  • Use existing work to create an assembly presentation/display.
  • Plan a procession with banners, costume/masks, songs and leaflets for distribution on the theme of ‘water for all’.
  • Invite a practising artist in education to come and do some expressive art work on ‘water’ with the children.
Ghana: collecting water in a gourd Angola: children enjoy a hygiene promotion drama Kenya: a boy washes his face in water coming off a roof Kenya: washing a cup a young girl swimming




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