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Find out more!

To find out more about the issues surrounding the dairy industry and fair trade, look at the links below.


The Milk Development Council is a site for farmers but includes information on a school milk bar scheme.

The Dairy Council gives advice about dairy products.

The Dairy Industry Federation includes a virtual farm tour:

Two US dairy industry sites, MooMilk and , include a virtual tour, quiz, recipes and activities.

School Milk aims to provide a forum for all issues relating to the promotion of milk in schools.

Saanendoah, a US site for goat breeders, contains scientific comparisons of milk – human, cow, goat and commercial infant formula.

The organic milk suppliers' co-operative of Britain gives information about organic milk.

The Soil Association has information on organic farming, including dairy farming.

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National and international organisations and bodies

International Monetary Fund homepage includes links to 'News' and 'About the IMF'.

The World Trade Organisation's site has news and other information about its activities and policies.

The European Union has a huge website.

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA)
has sections on farming and food and drink, and statistics on milk production and prices.

The National Assembly for Wales has articles on Welsh farming, policies etc.

The Food Standards Agency has lots of articles relating to milk and milk-product issues.

The National Farmers' Union (NFU) site includes farming facts, a library and question and answer section, including information on the CAP (Common Agricultural Policy).

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Fair trade, NGOs and pressure groups

Find out more about Oxfam's trade campaign.

Other organisations campaigning on trade include Christian Aid and CAFOD

The Fairtrade Foundation site includes information on how fair trade works, and on products and producers.

Dubble is brand of fairly traded chocolate.

The UK Food Group campaigns on global food security (making sure everyone has enough to eat). It works with farmers in developing countries.

Farm is a campaigning organisation for small farmers in the UK.

Farmers’ World Network makes links between small farmers in the North and those in the South. It produces some excellent briefing papers.

Compassion in World Farming campaigns to end the factory farming of animals.

McSpotlight is a consumer pressure group. Their website has a page calling for action against the baby milk industry.

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Educational sites

Just Business is a site for teachers and pupils of Economics and Business Studies.

N.B. Many of the other sites above contain education sections, either for teachers or for pupils or both.
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Have your say! - Talk about it! - Hear more! - Fair-trade focus! - Get organised! - Find out more!
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